Shop with Purpose Give Back In Style

We just wanted to take a second on this Friday to shout out a huge THANK YOU to each of you that have shopped with us, prayed for us, rooted for us, watched our crazy live videos, told your friends about us.  

5 years ago when we launched our business I was terrified I would fall flat on my face.  10 months ago when we rebranded our business, I was terrified once again that we would fail.  But this beautiful community continues to show up and I am always amazed.  You show up to #shopwithpurposeandgive back in style and we do not take you for granted.

Tonight, as I pulled and packed your orders, I took a second to fold your clothes and whisper a quick prayer for you.  You are each amazing, strong, smart, determined, loving, generous women. I hope that you know you are loved and are worthy!

One of our goals in this business is to support artisans around the globe so that they too can know they are supported, loved and worthy.  I am obsessed with our new jewelry this week because 1.its gorgeous and 2.the story behind them is incredible....

This beautiful pair of hand beaded earrings was created by one of our refuge friends in Houston, Texas. Bessina was born in Sudan and endured hardships with her family until they were relocated to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They spent many years there hoping for a better life; it is here she learned to make beaded jewelry. In 2017, she and her husband and seven children were give permanent refuge in Houston. She is adjusting to her refugee life with the help of Mercy House Global, who is providing dignified work as a means to provide for her family.



Thank you for shopping with Mettle + Moxie.  Your purchase makes a difference and we are forever grateful for you.

xoxoxo - Amber